The Essex Lifestyle

Residents choose Essex’s communities because they are looking for a home and community where they can downsize without sacrificing the quality, active life full of choice they dream of living while being in a community of friends and neighbors that encourages a sense of “family.”

Living in an Essex community gives residents the flexibility and freedom to choose as many of the services and benefits available to them they wish to take advantage of, including but not limited to:

  • Quick and convenient access to local amenities and services, many within walking distance
  • A maintenance-free living environment with dedicated and caring staff
  • A community of peers that supports connections with neighbors and looking out for each other
  • An ideal blend of controlled access security features while offering the freedom to enjoy as many or as few amenities and services as desired
  • Community engagement fostered by a multi-channel approach to communications between residents and staff via personal greetings, newsletters, phone-calls, digital announcements, and more.
  • Community and apartment layouts designed to entertain friends and families of all sizes
  • Comfortable overnight accommodations available for family and friends in our community guest rooms
  • Convenient underbuilding parking available for those who wish to come and go as they please, and transportation programs available for those who may desire transportation assistance
  • Activities and amenities that promote a healthy, active lifestyle
  • A la carte dining programs that do not force residents to eat every meal at the community
  • Comfortable surroundings in the community and on the grounds to promote the feeling of “home”
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly design features